Tel: 051 64 94 741

Via Fratelli Rosselli, 8AB
Bologna, BO

Orari di apertura
Martedì, Giovedì, Venerdì, Sabato:
9:00 - 19:00
Mercoledì: 13:00 - 19:00
Domenica e Lunedì: Chiuso

Altre sedi:
Via Emilia, 165b San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) tel. 051503944
c/o Parco tematico F.I.CO. Via Paolo Canali, 8 Bologna tel. 0510029212

ChimicaZero BioHair

We chose it because: it regards hair and body care, and beauty treatments in an environmentally sustainable and green-chemical perspective with “zero-mile” ingredients.

In Bologna ChimicaZero created the first organic beauty salon meeting the needs of a zero-impact life. The name of the salon, in downtown Bologna, was chosen on purpose: synthetic chemistry should be reduced and used with care in terms of beauty, fashion and glamour. Your look will be shaped in an eco-friendly designed, comfortable and smart space, with a low environmental impact. Inside the salon you can choose traditional services with organic and biodynamic products from plant extracts that follow the basis of a “clean chemistry”. Customers will also be able to try organic naturopathy treatments for body and hair in a pleasurable return to old-time traditions. Do not miss out the officinal herbs garden where you can relax sipping a herbal tea among the scents of lemon balm, lavender and rosemary. You must try the water pillows! Used during pose and hair washing, they actually are orgone accumulators that shield customers form external electromagnetic fields and help their self-balance and self-healing. The area dedicated to body wellness features a naturopathy and nutrition clinic that complements the wellness services following a holistic concept of beauty.

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