Phone: 347 044 7422

Via Belvedere, 11/B
Bologna, BO

Opening hours
Mon – Sun: 15.00 – 02.00

Senza Nome Bar

We chose it because: it is the first Italian bar run by hearing impaired people in the area that in later years has become one of the most popular for a drink or a chat. Established in June 2012 in via Belvedere 11/B from the joint venture of two deaf people, Alfonso Marrazzo e Sara Longhi, the bar is not only that, but also a socially relevant place of culture.

Inside the bar, close to the entrance, a few signs hung to the wall illustrate with pictures a few signs from LIS (Italian sign language), and the corresponding Italian word underneath. For those who are too shy to try the sign language, there is a board with small paper strips with the names of food and drinks you can order – a sort of joinable menu. Anyway, you can draw the attention of a waiter and communicate with them by simply speaking.

The establishment has had a lot of success right away, also thanks to the number of events for the hearing impaired that are organized all year round: book presentations, musical nights, documentaries, exhibitions, local markets, arts workshop, etc., with an eye to communication in different languages.

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