This Map of Sustainable Economy in Bologna is an original work, recommending cultural and smart consumption opportunities. Each of the mentioned organizations or enterprises is coherent with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and, specifically, with those regarding environment, and/or social rights, and or territoriality (local specialities and farm-to-table products). Sustainable Economy combined with Responsible Consumption can enrich EVERYONE’S FUTURE: this Map allows to choose and live Bologna in a sustainable and fair way.

Bologna is Fair was conceived, designed and created by the fair trade organizations of Bologna: C’è un mondo and ExAequo (you can find more information in their dedicated pages).

You can find the paper map at Bologna Welcome, C’è un mondo, ExAequo and the other organisations included in the map.

This map has been edited by Valeria Roberti, Giorgio Dal Fiume and Linda Triggiani.

Ended in September 2018

For comments, critics and proposals write to
C’è un mondo Soc. Coop. – 051 /271020
Ex Aequo – 051/233588

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