Vegan OK tour

Breakfast can only be at (A) Canapè Incontro, where every cake, every pastry, every cappuccino is vegan! From there take via Pietralata, cross via del Pratello towards via San Felice and go in via della Grada where you find (B) Altrotipo, a great shop with vegan ok products. Take via Riva di Reno and imagine yourself going by the Reno Canal, flowing underground since the 1950s, and take via Galliera to get to via de’ Monari where you find (C) Back to Beauty, a small beauty parlor with organic products that also sells music vinyls and CDs. For a fast but really tasty lunch we suggest (D) Malerba, in via Petroni, in the middle of the University area, and from there we recommend a stop at (E) Gruccialterna, an atelier in Strada Maggiore with the passion for artistic craftsmanship and recycling. For dinner we suggest (F) Botanica Lab, a vegan raw restaurant, right behind piazza Maggiore… but if you want to start with a cocktail you can go to (G) Fram Cafè in via Rialto and breath in some more of Bologna’s air. If you need a suggestion for accommodation, we can’t but mention (H) La Ciliegia Green B&B, in the heart of Bologna!

Altrotipo – cruelty free fun!

We chose it because: it pays extreme attention to the environment and is respectful of animals, and we think the cruelty-free philosophy that sets it apart from other shops is an innovative, original approach.

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Back To Beauty

We chose it because: it approaches beauty and cosmetology paying attention to environment and resources – with a dab of originality brought by LP records for collectors.

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Botanica Lab Cucina

We chose it because: raw vegan cuisine is eco-friendly by definition and the determination of this restaurant is definitely innovating.

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Canapè Incontro

We chose it because: it is vegan, organic, it cares for the environment and sociality – a place not to be missed!

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Centro Natura

We chose it because: it looks comprehensively at wellness and healthy food, promoting a culture of awareness towards ourselves and the world around us.

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Fram Cafè

We chose it because: it pays attention to reusing and recycling in addition to its organic and vegan bar and kitchen.

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We chose it because: in the world of sustainable fashion, an atelier where all the manufacturing is made in house and in sight is an innovating challenge that we support.

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We chose it because: they propose organic and fair trade products with creativity. Each day Malerba offers vegetarian and natural food with organic ingredients and creativity, respecting the environment and all living beings.

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