Baby friendly tour

The itinerary starts at (A) Dynamo, the “velostation”, where you can rent a bike, a cargo or just have a drink before discovering Bologna. Going up via Indipendenza on the way to piazza Maggiore, we suggest a detour to via Galliera, at piazza San Giuseppe’s level, where you will find a delicious ice-cream parlor, (B) Galliera 49. After sampling their treats, such as “mediterraneo” and salted vanilla, go back to via Indipendenza and head to via Goito, where you can find (C) Libreria Trame at Number 7: excellent stop to relax on the sofa, for breastfeeding necessities or just to take a look at the books. Now the main direction is towards the Two Towers, starting point of different streets: take via San Vitale. At Number 36/G you can find (D) Les Libellules, an atelier for children (next door to La Bioprofumeria). Last direction suggested is towards via Castiglione, maybe zigzagging in the city center’s alleys… and take some time to explore (E) NooiEco&bio and finish with a drink or dinner at (F) Kilowatt – le Serre dei Giardini Margherita, an innovative location with lots of happenings and events, also for children.


We chose it because: it is an atelier for kids. Comedivento is a couture atelier for kids aged 0 to 8 that is an alternative to traditional clothing shops for kids: it is a workshop where clothes are designed, cut and sold by their creators…

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Dynamo – la Velostazione

We chose it because: it thinks at mobility and raises awareness on the use of the city in a eco-friendly way; it chooses food and drinks it sells with care, it pays attention to current issues, and it is located in a recovered space made accessible to citizens and bikes: amazing!

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Galliera 49

We chose it because: it uses tasty, certified, fair trade ingredients and for its work group that cares for customers’ needs and the environment.

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Libreria Trame

We chose it because: social cooperative Trame was established in 2005 with the aim to launch and manage bookshops and organize or collaborate to cultural events.

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Nooi Eco&bio

We chose it because: from the shop window, through which you can glimpse the furniture made of recycled pallets, you understand you are about to step inside a place where environmental sustainability is not a stranger.

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