Tel: 051 233333

Via Goito 3C
Bologna BO


Orari di apertura
Lunedì e giovedì dalle 9,30 alle 16,30.
Martedì, mercoledì, venerdì e sabato dalle 9,30 alle 19,30.

Libreria Trame

We chose it because: social cooperative Trame was established in 2005 with the aim to launch and manage bookshops and organize or collaborate to cultural events. The project is based on the idea of a non-specialized, welcoming bookshop that offers a careful selection of the latest releases on a fast rotation basis, with the necessary expertise to conduct bibliographic research in a large database, and particular dedication on out-of-print books thanks to the national network of collectors’ bookshops. Since its opening, Trame bookshop has organized book presentations, graphics, comic, photography and art expositions, has hosted meetings of a book club called “Letture sul sofà” and offered creative writing classes in partnership with authors. For special occasions it stages acoustic concerts and DJ sets.

There are between 6,500 and 7,000 books available in the bookshop catalogue, whereas the latest releases change on a six-month rotation basis, paying particular attention to small publishers. The space can be rearranged to make room for presentations, small exhibitions, musical nights, up to a maximum capacity of 30 seats. Lastly, in the kids room there is a comfortable sofa to leaf at ease through a book or a magazine.

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