Zona Saragozza – Santo Stefano area tour

Likewise other cities, the hillside area is the more elegant and renowned… Curiously, Bologna’s hills are on the south side and they make it seem upside down, but it will not get you “ethically lost” in the city. Have a tour of this area starting from (A) Cafè de la Paix, a bar with fair products that engages disadvantaged young people. Continue in via Barberia, pass in front of the University’s DAMS and have a look at (C) BioeBimbo, a store with a lot of recovered items. For lunch we suggest (B) La Svolta – Cucina di Ragione, in via Nosadella and from there you can go along via Saragozza towards the city center until piazza san Domenico, then to via Santo Stefano to visit Iacai, an organic beauty and wellness shop. Iacai is in an ideal spot: from there you can visit the San Giovanni in Monte complex, once a monastery, then a jail, and now the site of the Historical Sciences Department of the University, and then go to piazza Santo Stefano to visit Basilica delle Sette Chiese (Seven churches cathedral). Take via Gerusalemme and then Strada Maggiore, where you will find (D) Manifattura Emiliana, an organic eco-friendly store. You can arrive almost to Porta Santo Stefano and discover (E) Re-Use with Love, an association that recycles old clothes. To conclude the stroll we suggest a pre-dinner drink at (F) Birreria Popolare, hidden in one of the alleys just under the Two Towers – it will cuddle you à la Bolognese!

Bio e Bimbo

L’abbiamo scelto perchè: la vendita dei prodotti locali e da agricoltura biologica merita sempre attenzione, a maggior ragione se si tratta di trasformati… con passione! All’interno della suggestiva cornice del Mercato delle Erbe di via Ugo Bassi…

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Cafè de la Paix

We chose it because: the organic, fair and farm-to-table ingredients of this bar embrace the idea of a fair trade business that gives a second chance to underprivileged people.

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We chose it because: it is a perfume shop that combines beauty with respect for body and environment.

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Manifattura emiliana

L’abbiamo scelta perchè: anche gli uomini possono vestirsi in maniera sostenibile e bio. Manifattura emiliana è un negozio di abbigliamento focalizzato sul biologico, sul recupero, sui marchi che fanno della sostenibilità ambientale il loro punto di forza. Gestita come una bottega…

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Re-Use with Love

RWL is an association devoted to consciously reuse and recover materials with charity purposes. Re-Use With Love aims at different goals: consciously reusing and recovering materials on one side, also by educating kids and young volunteers…

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