University tour

It is quite easy to “get some Fair air” in Bologna’s University area, in a tour among University Departments and alleys.
Start with a culture breakfast in via San Petronio Vecchio to visit (A) Libri Liberi, the bookshop where nothing is on sale… take a look at the Santa Cristina complex nearby, site of the Visual Arts Department and of Biblioteca delle Donne (Women’s Library) and continue wandering through the alleys, from piazza Aldrovandi jump in the warm embrace of via San Vitale, peeking in the (B) Fratelli Broche vintage shop, right under the historical “torresotto” of this street and then visit (C) La Bioprofumeria, a few steps away, in direction of the Two Towers. You cannot overlook via Zamboni, the historical center of University Departments, and we suggest to arrive in piazza Verdi from piazza Rossini, to see the facade of San Giacomo church and Bologna’s Conservatory. Always strolling in the alleys and the twisting streets of this area, go to (D) Lortica for a light lunch just like another University student: on the other side of the street you can see the celebratory plaque of Francesco Lorusso, the student and Lotta Continua militant killed during 1977 riots. You can spend the afternoon strolling around the Parco della Montagnola, the Botanical Gardens of the Education Studies Department, all facing via Irnerio. When you start to feel a bit peckish around dinner time, go right out of Porta San Donato to taste the pizza of (E) Masaniello, and continue towards the city suburbs, and right after the San Donato bridge, under which you can find via Paolo Fabbri, celebrated in the famous sonf of the singer-songwriter Francesco Guccini, on your right you’ll see (F) Mercato Sonato: a space recovered by Orchestra Senza Spine that hosts concerts, workshops, events – the best way to end the day! If you want to take a stroll instead of listening to some live music, a good excuse is to visit (G) È Buono! in via Palmieri, in the Cirenaica area, to savor Bologna’s taste out of the city center and treat yourself to a delicious ice-cream.

È buono

We chose it because: it is a social cooperative that reintegrates into the labor market disadvantaged people and makes ice-cream with tasty ingredients to the core. All the way fair!

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F.lli Broche

We chose it because: it regards fashion mass consumption with a fresh perspective through vintage clothings.

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La Bioprofumeria

We chose it because: in the field of eco-friendly cosmetics it has many products of excellent quality that range from organic to cruelty-free.

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Libri Liberi

We chose it because: it is a place with a touch of poetry where you can take any book you like, bring other books, and free them. Libri liberi is a small showcase in downtown Bologna, at a stone’s throw from the Arts Faculty, where books reign supreme.

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We chose it because: Lortica Garden Wine is an establishment in the university district that offers fresh and organic ingredients, natural wines and craft beers on a daily basis.

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Mercato Sonato

We chose it because: it is a place of urban regeneration just outside the city walls, devoted to music culture. Mercato Sonato is home to Orchestra Senzaspine. It was established as a one-of-a-kind project of urban and cultural regeneration at international level.

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Pizzeria Masaniello

“Welcome to your home!!!!” That is how Masaniello greets its customers and makes business. Masaniello restaurant and ethical pizza joint is run by Formica social cooperative, who focuses on reintegrating underprivileged people into the labour market.

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