Mercato Sonato

We chose it because: it is a place of urban regeneration just outside the city walls, devoted to music culture.

Mercato Sonato is home to Orchestra Senzaspine. It was established as a one-of-a-kind project of urban and cultural regeneration at international level. Its goal is to put to center stage classical music, the young, creative expression and experimentation by converting a public suburbs space: the former neighborhood market of San Donato. Today Mercato Sonato is blossoming as a multi-purpose center and meeting place where culture is shared in all its forms and genres.

It hosts events, concerts, workshops and classes, a manifold cultural offer for the citizens. At Mercato Sonato you can find also Cucinotto, a food truck&Soul Kitchen: a wandering, sustainable and responsible kitchen that promotes and protects the land and who lives in it. They cook vegetarian food in simple recipes.

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