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Kilowatt – Le Serre dei Giardini Margherita

We chose it because: it is an innovative place in the most beautiful and important garden of the city a few steps away from the center.

Before being an organization Kilowatt is a model, a place, an approach.

Kilowatt is an innovative model of a business incubator for ideas and projects with a high social and environmental impact as it works as a community of companies, entrepreneurs, creative people and associations, and values the skills of each and every one for the professional growth of all people involved. Kilowatt is a place of relationships, hybrid, cohesive and generative, it is the home of many talents who want to put themselves on the line. Kilowatt is an approach by which urban regeneration is an opportunity to build new relationships and enhance inclusion, consultation generates research and innovation platforms, educational projects are a workshop for community welfare, and communication is a way to explore new technologies and languages.

In the heart of Giardini Margherita, Kilowatt have regenerated an abandoned public space and made it available to the city with projects and activities: coworking, Kw Baby educational service, Kw Summer festival, the gARTen community that takes care of the vegetable garden and the event space as part of Gabbia del Leone Progettazione, urban regeneration, training, counseling for innovation, cohesion and community involvement. Including while planning: that is how is interpreted social innovation, sustainability, and urban regeneration.

Eat natural at Serre. Vetro is a space for taking a break and have a snack for those who experience the Serre as a work space and culture place. For coworkers, for children and their parents, for who loves the garden and only wants to give themselves pause.

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