Tel: 051 44 47 33

Viale Masini, 4 int. 2/e
Bologna, BO

Orari di apertura
lunedì al venerdì
ore 8.45 - 13.15

Banca Etica

We chose it because: their focus on people as both customers and recipients of funding projects is groundbreaking and has a strong impact on society.

It is the only example of this kind in the Italian banking landscape because, in addition to transparency of procedures, Banca Etica exclusively funds collective projects: from social and international cooperation, to environment protection, culture promotion, renewable energies and organic farming.

Established in 1999, Banca Etica has spread throughout Italy with 17 branches and a network of “wandering bankers”, bringing to customers a wide range of products and services that enables the whole spectrum of banking operations (checking account, Internet banking, cash cards, credit cards, bonds, mortgages, money loans, investment funds). From October 1st, 2014, they are also operative in Spain.

The Bologna branch is located at viale Masini, a stone’s throw from the main railway station, and its operating hours, by appointment only, are Monday to Friday from 8.45 AM to 1.15 PM. The branch also has an ATM machine that, in addition to ordinary cash withdrawal, checking of balance and topping-up, allows you to easily and free-of-charge deposit cash and checks 24/7.

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