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Via Gorki, 6
Bologna, BO


We chose it because: although it is outside the city center, it is a magic place, worthy of knowing and being experienced: integration, sociability and innovation – at MET, you can find a whole world and much more!

MET stands for Meticceria Extrartistica Trasversale, a place that hosts theater plays, music events, exhibitions, artistic residences, video-sound installations, workshops, cross-language festivals: a kaleidoscope of different arts in the home of Cantieri Meticci.

Cantieri Meticci has always understood culture as cement for diversity: citizens and refugees, the academic and the artisan, international artists and young people from the suburbs come together thanks to cooperation and projects with actors that differ greatly from one another.

MET’s interiors were designed with an eye to reuse and recycle: one hundred boxes that once were filled with onions are now shelves, stage and seats for the audience. Old abandoned doors come back to life as display panels, and ancient drawers become a counter. That is how this hybrid, crossbred and true reality comes into existence – sociability and dialogue are just two of its thousands ingredients on the table.

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